Do you constantly find yourself coming up against the same problem? Like you’re going in circles? Feel like you’ve done lots of work on “You” but you haven’t really gotten anywhere?

You have been smacked against your “issue.” You’ll recognize it when you look down at the stuff beside you labeled “baggage.”

Your “issue” may be one of personal or sexual identity; it may be a major loss, a traumatic event, an addiction, or a painful childhood. Your “issue” immediately resonates. It’s your sore point, your soft spot, the hot button that ignorant people unwittingly push!

Good News! Along with an issue you’ve also got a treasure. But your treasure won’t look like a gift at first…

How do you find your treasure? First, you got to take a deep breath and find the courage to look at your issue. Sit with it. Make friends with it. Buy it ice cream, or fruit juice! When you’re feeling more comfortable, you can start to relate to each other. You relax and put your feet up. Your issue takes off its heavy coat. Once you share a few laughs and start to get to know your issue, you find out it’s not so bad. In fact kind of friendly and it knows all about you. Rather than being your enemy, perhaps it’s really a friend? When you’ve spent some time hanging with each other and start to really connect, your issue shows you something … it is sparkling, precious and unique – and it’s for you. It’s your treasure. Yes – your treasure wrapped up in your issue! Very well disguised as the thing you are most likely to reject and deny!

  1. Write your “issue” – the thing that keeps coming up, your hot button, your “Achilles” heel week and sore spot.
  2. Think of a positive and useful way to rephrase your “issue” – put a positive outlook to it.
  3. Label it as your “Treasure.”
  4. Write a powerful affirmation that helps you to mentally reframe your issue as your Treasure.

If after doing this exercise for over three weeks without success, you may reach out for professional help. That is my expertise, but any good Transpersonal Counselor, Energy Healing Practitioner can guide you through the process.

“You’re not a failure because you don’t feel great all the time. You’re a hero because you keep going!” Harley M Storey

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