I take on a strictly limited number of clients for my highest level of support: 1:1 Private Coaching & Business Mentoring.

Our work together will include powerful deep healing and transformational coaching to define and create your Success Manifestation vision… a vision where you breakthrough self-talk limitations, confusion and financial blocks able to make a bigger impact in the world, step more powerfully into your life’s work and start to create a powerful legacy through your life purpose.

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Living a happy, care-free life is your birthright. If you experience uncontrollable stress, anxiety, a strong feeling of confusion, guilt, sadness, or resentment and lack of purpose, this program is for you. Heart Soul Therapy alternative holistic healing can help you on your healing journey shift limitations, reprogram your mind to break through mental and emotional blocks. You will find the roots of your challenges, heal painful past traumatic memories and recover serenity with a sense of purpose and clarity. You are not alone, and yes there is a solution waiting for you to be discovered.

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Transformational live events combining energy healings, meditations, intensive training, and to raise your vibration and get you on the path of success and freedom.

 Emotional or financial freedom, whatever you desire to accomplish will be activated to get you in the energy of abundance and peace with confidence and ease. Alongside your fellow attendees, you will clear negative self-talk, and patterns of unconscious blocks that are holding you back.

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Money Karma & Success Breakthrough is a unique 10 weeks group coaching program that will completely transform the way you think and feel about money, and yourself!

The Programme combines teaching via video training, mindset coaching, and energy clearing of your limiting beliefs to transform negative thinking and identify and clear the limiting beliefs you have around money to open you up to unlimited abundance.

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