One of the reasons why I offer an Introductory Consultation before taking on a new Coaching client is because often people have unrealistic expectations about the changes that they wish to see happening in their life. They do not understand or do not want to know that changes have to begin within themselves. Your circumstances will transform according to such inner transformations. Self-actualization is very powerful, but it takes time and commitment. In my introductory session, I like to evaluate how flexible and committed the potential client is.

Not only our mind needs 90 days to accept and create new habits, but it takes persistent actions as well along the journey.

One of the most common traps is to want fast changes in EVERY area of our life.

In fact, there is a limit to our capacity for change. A great illustration would be to take a rubber band. Slowly stretched it a little, representing a small amount of change. Then stretched it beyond its limits and it will be snapped, demonstrating that too much change too quickly, will mean mental and emotional overload and breakage.

To be successful in your mindset self-transformation, you have to be prepared to accept suggestions and be prepared to deal with the emotions that arise. Change is a form of loss and loss brings grief, so we can’t change ourselves without allowing for an emotional toll.

Rather than trying to change everything all at once, we choose two areas of life and considered small steps towards getting them to where we would like them to be. Small changes can be very powerful.  

We don’t change in a straight line, but like the tide – two steps forward, one step back. The tide comes in, then it goes out, then comes in a little more and goes out a little less…

This place of change is manageable, harmonious and natural.

  • Change takes time.
  • Change takes care.
  • Change takes love.

Love and approval of ourselves for not being where we feel we should be.

But do you know something? We are always exactly where we are ready to be.

Accepting that can be hard.

Do you know what love is?

When you love someone you accept them. For who they are, where they are and what they are. When we’re dealing with life change, we have to extend that love and acceptance to ourselves. But that’s a topic for another time.

Feeling stuck or Unclear?

Would you like to move things forward but you’re not sure where to start?

Book a complimentary Freedom Lifestyle Discovery Call, and you will have a snapshot of “where you’re at” and a roadmap to help you decide where to begin.

As always wishing you the best success toward freedom and fulfillment,

Fabienne Marneau

“Success Manifestation Coach”