Dear Fabienne,

Thank you so much for the seminar. It was a tremendous experience for me. You truly touched me. I greatly appreciated your work with the crystals and the trance work.

I was surprised by my emotions regarding my inner child and was slightly embarrassed. I had been through counseling in my early 20’s and thought I was over the hurt. I thought I had already forgiven my mother. In my early 20’s and I have continued to feel strongly that regardless of our childhood we are makers of our own destiny, and I was not going to carry these things. I guess I just blocked them instead of healing them. Ever since I was a child I have been very intuitive about other people and felt their emotions as my own, which became overwhelming, and I learned to block this as well. I now see the value of this and wish to release these blocks I have created myself.

I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity and experience. It was an absolute pleasure.

Love and Gratitude!