Here is a Testimonial did after 2 years of Coaching with Fabienne:

“Before we started coaching in 2004, our finances and marriage relationship were very unstable. One of our business endeavors was putting us into extreme debt.

My husband and I were growing apart; he was always angry. I had little to no support from him. We decided to sell the business for a fraction of what we paid for it. We ended up owing lots of money. This caused much resentment in our marriage towards each other.

This is how I felt in the past: desperate, alone, confused, sad, controlled, depressed and trapped.

Now I feel: happy, whole, confident, ready for life’s challenges, able to speak my mind.

We are so thankful that we were shown by Fabienne what really matters in our lives, each other and our family together. Her support and encouragement helped us to take responsibility without blaming each other. We now believe that we can achieve our dreams. Lisa Homer

Lisa H