Access & Transform your Akashic Records to:

* Clear Past Karma

* Change your future

* Get your own GPS system

* Find the cause of your major life difficulties

Have you ever:

  • Sensed or knew you were another race before?
  • Felt that you knew and even loved a perfect stranger?
  • Had a deep connection to an ancient civilization?
  • Been drawn to a different place in time?
  • Had a fear, however had no reference?
  • Felt like you never belonged here?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, than you may want to explore  other dimensions. A Life Regression can help give you answers to life’s purpose, as well as release any unwanted blocks, fears, or phobias. Most of us have a deep desire to connect to our higher self and soul family as well.

    Years of documentation and experiences prove that we are more than our physical bodies, and have not only had many lives, but are timeless beings with multidimensional existences.  Past lives can help us move through blocks that seem to be in our lives for no apparent reason. 

Following your Higherself guidance like Edgar Cayce did, learn how to clear past karma by reading the Akashic Records, the library of all thoughts, words, deeds, and the direction of your possible futures. Learn how to interact with your records to maximize opportunities and feel like having your own personal GPS system.

With the aid of Transformational Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression Therapy you’ll learn how to:

  • View and explore the root of your challenges
  • Heal past emotional pain.
  • “Visit Heaven” to connect easily with your Higher-Self and access your source of wisdom.
  • Consult your Akashic Records; assimilate the learnings; complete forgiveness toward others and yourself, than be ready to change karmic effects in a safe and desirable way.
  • Project forward to explore significant life events that are yet to unfold in your future to guide you make healthy decisions.

You have soul contracts with others as well as with yourself as part of your destiny.
Do you know what these contracts are?
Would you like to exercise your free will to rewrite your future?

Fabienne Marneau, CH will guide through relaxing altered-state of consciousness to better understand why you had limiting believes or karmic blocks that are affecting areas of your life.

As part of the session you will experience Time Line Therapy in a Regression   mode to understand your karmic blueprints and to heal undesirable patterns. Read more in  Creative Field of Possibilities Article.


Preparation for the workshop: Wear comfortable clothing, and you may also bring a mat and blanket/pillow. Please wear comfortable clothing, and you may also bring a mat and blanket/pillow, a note pad and a bottle of mineral water for healing purpose. Be prepared to explore a world of wonders and rainbows.
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           Limited seats, so hurry up to register!