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Fabienne Marneau

Fabienne Marneau, Certified Hypnotherapist integrates energy healing in various hypnotic modalities such as ERT (Emotional Release Therapy), Timeline Life Regression, Clinical and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, DNA Activation, Guided Visualization, and mind-reprogramming recordings.

A vibrant, free seeker of harmony, Fabienne Marneau uses a combination of holistic methods to restore physical balance, promote emotional wellness and experience spiritual peace.

“I consider myself to be essentially an Alchemist Metaphysician (anthologist) whose destiny is to be a seed (the etymologic meaning of my name, Fabienne) planted into the life of others to share the wonders of Being. The purpose of such a seed is to stimulate the awakening of the souls through healing – empowerment, and creation. The fruits of the experience are peace & joy”


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BEMER Therapy for Anxiety and Memory

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Imagine for a moment laying in your bed, not able to fall asleep. Thoughts rushing to your mind telling you the worst stories ever. Yes! a real panic attack, uncontrollable. Well, this happened to me [...]



Creating a unique blend of business and personal coaching, healing and spirituality, I can help you to set and reach goals you never thought possible.

It’s time to take back your life and see at last who you were meant to be!


Join us for a life-changing experience based on spiritual ready insights, powerful mind and DND reprogramming, energy healing, karmic resets, and mindset optimization.


Never underestimate the power of incremental change. What habits can you take on to change for the best? A small habit one by one is incredible power.


Private coaching sessions will help you to better achieve your personal and professional goals, with beautiful scenery and retreats to boost your brain and achieve more.



Offering a full range of relaxing Day Spa and luxurious Skin Care treatments, so you can start looking radiant and younger immediately!


Regain joy and energy and be ready to experience freedom and inner peace transforming limiting beliefs into new insights with clarity and confidence.


Based on Feng Shui tradition and philosophy, you can create an environment that anchors the vision of your heart’s desire and is supported by the Universal Laws of energy.

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