Fabienne Marneau

Meet Fabienne

“Techniques alone without understanding and connection with Source are like artificial fire. The soul is the only reality of our existence; this is why understanding our Soul Purpose is fundamental to manifest fulfillment and true success.” Fabienne

Fabienne has been an Aesthetician for over 30 years; passionately creating beauty and harmony using innovative Skin Care technology and Holistic Wellness methods. 

Fabienne Marneau founder of Destination Harmony Holistic Wellness and Heart Soul Therapy is an American Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Spiritual Counselor, Life Coach, Certified Energy Healing Practitioner for Palmtherapy®, ATP®, ThethaHealing®, Spiritual Dowsing, Timeline Therapy, ERT (Emotional Release Therapy) and Spiritual Feng Shui specialist. Fabienne is a natural artist medium offering Soul paintings, Success Manifestation Mindset Coaching, and international self-actualization seminars called Freedom Lifestyle.