Discover the Secrets of Harmonious Relationships & Clear your Love Karma

Would you like to change the patterns of your relationships? Are you an effective communicator? Are you still looking for your soulmate? Do you believe in unconditional love?


An invitation to a wedding or the approach of Valentine Day often gives us an occasion to reflect on our current Love life.

Your heart is maybe still longing for meeting your Soul Mate.

If you fond already your love partner you may want to improve your other relationships with friends and family or coworkers.

The first step to manifest idyllic loving relationships is to clear karmic blocks that may be limiting your ability to feel or express true love in all areas of your life. Creating limiting believes and emotional pain. You also may have built a “heart wall” trying to protect yourself from suffering from lack or unhealthy relationships.

You all know that song from beautiful, energetic Tina Turner: “What’s love got to do with it?”

This is one of my favorite mottoes when I try to explain that romantic love, passion, idyllic love are often very far away from true love.

Actions define what kind of love we are capable of.

Love can only be unconditional or it is not love. This is not negotiable.

To be complete, Love needs the ingredients of trust, respect, freedom, patience, peace, harmony, forgiveness, kindness and aliveness.

Our workshops, retreats and 1:1 in-office or distant sessions reveal powerful energetic and mind-programming tools able to breakdown the “heart wall” once the karma associated with love is healed.

Please do not wait any longer, book a Free Discovery Call with me. Once we establish your need for Love Karma healing we will schedule a one on one in office or distant healing session.

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Learn how to reset Abundance and Love Attraction:

  • Take responsibility for your choices without feeling guilty.
  • Be aware of controlling behaviors.
  • Deal with commitment.
  • Experience tolerance, integrity, unconditional love, and freedom at the same time.
  • Clear any limiting Love Karma
  • Raise your energy field to attract the Love that you are longing for.
  • Trigger powerful shift into your life using “Clarity of Intent”.
  • Experience gratitude every day in all life situations regardless of the circumstances.
  • Create sincere and authentic relationships starting with being your own best friend.

A difficult situation can be improved without the participation of the other party involved. Relationships start within you, in the present moment. Once you start having results in one area of your life it ripples effect everywhere else, like magic.

Fabienne Marneau, CH an Alchemist Metaphysician, Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist specialized in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, will guide you through powerful altered-state-of-consciousness sessions to better understand why you had to experience some of your challenges in communications with other. A new level of awareness and self-discovery will reverse karmic blocks that may be limiting your self-esteem.

By improving your Love Karma you will transform your personal and business relationships for the best, bringing clarity, peace, and confidence.

In Light & Love,


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