Learn how to raise your vibrational frequency to attract and manifest more prosperity and more loving relationships to your life. When using the right NES Infoceutical for your own unique energy, changes will occur like magic.

You will release ancestral blocks, negative emotions, limiting beliefs and raise to a higher level of health, financial freedom, and success in everything that your heart desires. You will benefit from DNA activation in a relaxing and profound way that your soul will be able to accept and participate in the self-reprogramming.

Emotional balance, clarity, intuition, and creativity will flow easily as a result of energetic atonement and DNA activation. Fabienne Marneau international renowned founder of Destination Harmony Retreat and Heart Soul Therapy will guide you through the steps of intuitive revelation to attain your personal goals.
You will be empowered to understand and believe in your own formula for Abundance and Love Attraction.


Let the magic begin…
at Awakenings (See below for directions)

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