The Three Reasons Why We Self-Deny Happiness

Hello, I wanted to share with you my disappointment when a client cancels his “Heart Soul Therapy” session giving vague excuses. Mostly, I do not believe the excuses that they gave me. This may resonate with your personal experience with your own healing journey or the people that you serve in a healing practice. Unless they do not believe in the therapy modalities, the procrastination, “I do not deserve” and “I do not matter” syndrome is the real issue here; not the money, not the time. Such limiting believes can be reset easily as long as trust and willingness take place.

People often thank me for being a kind person, but honestly, I do not care about just been kind. I am on a mission to help people avoid ending their life out of despair, like so many young adults, firefighters, police and army personals do. It is not about me in any way. It is my call, my mission, my Darma (Life Purpose) to help to heal emotional wounds and guide recovering peace, joy, and fulfillment. I want to thank all my past clients because they made me even more determined to create the « Stress, anxiety, PTSD and grief Course » that I am offering now. Please view below a few testimonials from my private one on one sessions or group seminars success stories…

To your successful self-healing journey, Fabienne