You know that dogs do not lie and placebo effect does not apply to them… Watch the moving story of Dog Murfy bellow. When I saw this video of dog Murfy injured when his body twisted wrong during a simple game of fetch, I thought about our Max Golden Retriever who had to have a surgery after jumping and running right to left with too much intensity. Maybe if we had the BEMER that we have now he would have been able to heal naturally. Murfy was diagnosed by the vet with a blood embolism lodged in the spine leaving his back legs twisted and unable to move them. The risk of permanent paralysis could occur even with surgery performed. They discussed the “putting him down” option. Murfy’s owners told the vet that they had a BEMER and showed him the info and said: “Hey, it can’t hurt since it is a blood flow problem!” So… they beamed him in five different 8-minutes sessions at the highest intensity down his spine from the point of injury to the feet. The next day… he was trying to use legs that were told would not move again! So 8 months later Murfy goes up and down stairs; jumps on the couch and acts like any other dog. He does get stiff legs at times, but the BEMER helps. Murphy gets therapy every day still. He loves it! “My Maxou is older now so I started using BEMER on him to improve his legs strength and vitality. I shall keep you posted on his progress…”