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Stress = Source of all Disease!

January 11th 2014 
Written by: Fabienne Marneau 

"All illness and disease is caused by insufficient energy at the cellular level". The Healing Code by Alexander Loyd, PhD, ND & Ben Johnson, MD, DO, NMD


Scientific research from all over the globe now agree that the cause of all disease is stress causing the body functions to shut down. The normal functions of the body such as rejuvenation, elimination, hydration, digestion and the immune system are blocked when the body is in stress mode also called the fight or flight syndrome.


Conscious or unconscious negative thoughts, unhealthy beliefs, destructive cell memories are constantly and repeatedly creating more stress than our body can assimilate. Howerver most of the time we are not even aware of their presence.


When under intense stress the body lacks energy (also called life force of universe). In order to experience greater emotional gratitude and contentment, spiritual peace, overall well-being and joy, we have to eliminate stress being a dominant factor in our lives.


Modern Positive Psychology study the effects of stress in human behavior showing that optimism is the primary trait leading to resilience from the damaging effects stress has on the body. Medical studies show that subjects in a higher positive mood solve more problems with greater insight compared to lower ones. The brain functions, immune system, circulatory and even reproductive systems are affected in a negative or positive way according to a persons level of stress and optimism. Optimistic women for example have 25 % less risk of breast cancer.  Harvard studies showed that people having a sense of enthusiasm and ability to cope with stress also reduces the risk of coronary heart disease in half.


Heart Soul Therapy individual healing sessions, Holistic Skin Care Facials, Mind-reprogramming Hypnotherapy CD's can elevate your body's electric frequency, increasing physical energy and remove fear and anxiety.


Without a peaceful heart, the mind is agitated, confused, incoherent...

Without a relaxed state of mind, no action can be free of ego control.


Chaos vs. Success, depends upon your level of stress.


Please read Raising Frequency, Vibrational Attunement and De-stressing Relaxation articles for more details.


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Dear Fabienne, I left your office with such a feeling of calmness. My pain was gone and now I do believe in my abilities to control my stress and find happiness. We also worked on so many aspects of my life, from my difficult childhood to my current relationships. Thank you so much! - Julie, California




Please read Raising Frequency, Vibrational Attunement and De-stressing Relaxation articles.

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Fabienne with Max


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