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Handling Mistakes

January 28th 2014 
Written by: Fabienne Marneau 

How many times have you overreact or made a mistake that made you feel ashamed or at least uncomfortable?  

If anybody tells you that he never made a mistake or being hurtful in some way or another, he is probably unaware of the impact of his actions and thoughts. 

Here are suggestions of protocol to help you with mistakes that have consequences in your professionals or personal relationships. 

Step 1: Take full responsibility

When dealing with a mistake or a fault, the first step is to take full responsibility. You cannot think that you are only 50% responsible for any miscommunication or wrong doing of your part. Finding excuses will not help even if stress may be one of the causes. 

Say: “I release the need to judge myself and others from the past, present and future. I take full responsibility for the …….. (name the issue that you are facing in the present moment) without blame, guilt or judgment.” 

Breathe out and imagine a color and shape that represent the issue that you are working on. See the color changing and the form getting smaller.  

Take a deep breath and say: “I am healing my heart, mind body and soul by receiving the life, light and love of God (also called Higher-self, Creator, and Universal mind)” 

Imagine the healing golden light penetrating from the top of your head down to your feet. Fell the love, wisdom and peace filling you. 

Step 2: Forgive 

Apologize if you can to the person that you offended then when you are alone tell yourself: “I release the need to be right; I release the need to be perfect; I forgive myself from past unkind thoughts, words and wrong doings. I forgive others for past hurts and miscommunications willingly and joyfully.”  

Breathe deeply and as you exhale and say: “I forgive myself and others from the past, present and future, in all directions of time, space and directions.” 

Take a deep breath and say: “Ï am healing my heart, mind body and soul by receiving the life, light and love of God (Higher-self, Creator, Universal mind)” 

Step 3: Be aware of learnings

If you skip this step, you will repeat over and over the same mistake until you finally understand the lessons that are attached to the situation. To raise your awareness and assist you in the process you must decide from a conscious decision that you refuse to be victim of your negative emotions and thoughts, unhealthy beliefs, destructives cell memories and physical issues.  

Take a deep breath and say: “I welcome the understanding, wisdom that is coming from my issue with…… (name the issue). I am grateful for the opportunity to learn and erase past karma related to my relationship with….. (name the issue or what it symbolize in your life).”  

This step will remove the anxiety that caused the fear of failing in the future when placed in similar situations. Once you are empowered from a clearer understanding you will now have the confidence to take more appropriate actions. 

Step 4: Take positive actions

Once your heart is cleared from the emotions of guilt, sadness, remorse, shame and other painful feelings, creative insights will replace fear. Empowered and confident you can make a plan of actions that will prevent you from repeating the same mistake. 

Nothing is good or bad, it is what it is. Every situation has a purpose. Understanding such purpose will empower you to move forward and be a better person, more humble and less prompt to judgment.  

Step 5: Practice of self-healing

Implement a healing routine that is working for you: meditate; pray; see a holistic practitioner that you trust and feel comfortable with; participate in self-help seminars and spiritual retreats; write a list of changes that reinforce the new knowledge and wisdom that you gained from the experience.  

Say: “I am grateful for the opportunity of awareness. I have the courage to make changes to heal myself every day in many ways. I thank you God for healing my body, heart and soul now. Please send light and love to everybody involved with the present situation.” 

Thank you for forgiving me whenever I am lacking of clarity in my communications, and please let me know how I can better serve your journey. 





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