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De-Stressing Relaxation

June 13th 2013 
Written by: Fabienne Marneau 

Our busy lifestyle is creating more stress than ever. When a person is feeling stressed to the level of being frustrated, tense, confused, and lacking energy and joy, it is time to seek relaxation, de-stress, and use chakra clearing as ways to increase physical energy.


We can elevate our body's electric frequency by eating fresh non-processed food, fresh herbs and vegetables, drinking pure water like Kangen water, using essential oils, crystals and magnetism (transfer of energy).

Destination Harmony's Heart Soul Therapy individual healing sessions using holistic alternative medicine modalities can assist you to achieve greater energy clearing and replenishment. Crystal & Chakra Therapy or reflexology massage will help clear emotional and mental blocks and release emotional attachments from a person's energy field. Transfer of energy such as magnetism and Reki are recharging the life force also called Chi, Prana or Ki. Hypnotherapy redirects the mind to heal and become empowered. The Mind-reprogramming and Self-Hypnosis CDs that I recorded for my clients induce deep relaxation. Even when falling to sleep, the subconscious mind register all the sounds and benefit from the healing positive suggestions.

My Relaxation/De-Stressing Classes will teach you how to use all those healing tools to be more productive and successful in reaching your personal and business goals.

With a clear, pure energy level, you will stay physically healthier, and communicate with effectiveness and lovingly with others. If you try to remember the last time you had an argument with a family member or a friend, you will notice that you probably felt stressed, unappreciated and frustrated at that very moment. For many people, regular exercise, yoga, or meditation are ways to remain calm and physically energized, mentally rested and alert. Being aware of your level of stress is the beginning of raising your consciousness.

Your health is you responsibility! Be proactive and remember that joy is the highest vibrational frequency as well as love.

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Dear Fabienne, I left your office with such a feeling of calmness. My pain was gone and now I do believe in my abilities to control my stress and find happiness. We also worked on so many aspects of my life, from my difficult childhood to my current relationships. Thank you so much! - Julie, California




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