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by Fabienne Marneau, CH - 3/26/2012
Why Can't I Reach My Goals?

Wealth and Prosperity follow the same rules that apply to "Belief System". If you don't attract what you wish for it is because you are blocking the outcome with limiting thoughts or words.

Here are few examples of mistakes that can easily be corrected:

* If you say: "It pays the bills" each time you make money, you limit the possibility for Abundance.

It is wiser to say: "I am thankful and blessed with Abundance!" or "I am Prosperous and it feels good!"

I tell myself that I am making more money than I can spend. It makes me feel safe and creative.

* "I am sorry" will only give you more reasons to be sorry for if you say it enough times.

Instead say: "I am not available or I am not comfortable with, etc." The idea is to stay positive about what it is that you want to do and not focusing on the guilt of not doing something. You have the right to say NO! And you don't have to justify yourself.

* Every time someone asks you how you are doing, please don't answer: "not bad".

It means to say "bad" for your subconscious mind. So please say: "I am great! Thank you" or "Fantastic!"

Say what you want to be feeling; words have the power to transform your emotions and these emotions will attract similar energy and circumstances. Choose to feel great, not bad. You have the power to reprogramm your mind to change your belief system. All you need is to be aware of your thoughts and words, then learn how to choose the voice of your Higher-self over the ego self-talk.

Taking care of our mind is the best investment that you can make since everything that is happening to you comes from your ability to manifest. What you believe will automatically take form, so decide what it is that you wish to believe in from now on.

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by Fabienne Marneau, CH - 3/26/2012

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