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 Article Destination Harmony 
Fabienne Marneau, CH - Date: June 17th 2007  
  Shortly after one of my workshops, I was meditating in my famous Jacuzzi and reflecting on what was said and felt... I started to experience a profound awareness of wholeness toward the participants of the workshop, some family members and also clients that needed help at times that I don’t see in the present.  
      I always felt that once I meet someone it is for a divine reason or purpose and I keep caring and  sending loving thoughts of healing toward their souls that are ongoing for appreciation, Love, compasion or recognition.    
       Transcending the apparent reality of time, out of space, I feel today that everybody was part of that workshop, present physically, or not. Also the benefits from it are still unfolding.    
    One of the participants talked about experiencing new paradigms; well I can see that it is  
happening as I am writing, and as you are reading these words.   
  Let’s be aware that we are ONE now.              


             The peace that comes from such awareness makes the heart content, filled with deep Love.  


  “Doorway to Abundance Seminar” is another huge topic that become more powerful after each session.


Abundance, like truth, is something you create.


 ofDick Sutphen, wrote: “Truth cannot be written or taught.   It is something that is discovered within your own soul."         

           Affirmation: I  experience through the present moment the eternity of my grateful heart and peaceful soul.   


Light, Love and Gratitude, 



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