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Destination Harmony Column 
By: Fabienne Marneau 
"Who Am I ?" 
  I was preparing my “Harmonic Relationships” workshop, when it became very clear to me that Integrity is a fundamental element of healthy authentic relationships. Integrity and joyful commitment, comes from free choices based on lucid and honest evaluations of who we really are and what our needs are. If we pretend and deny these needs than we live a lie thus raising our level of frustration, sadness, and sometimes depression.

  A Greek philosopher once said: “Know thy self”; meaning this is where we have to start our journey.
Without any judgment, evaluate who you are in the present moment. Not who you used to be, but who you are today. Remember that your circumstances do not define who you are; this is why you need to look into the depth of your heart and soul to reveal the true nature of your being.
The most important relationship is the one that you cultivate with yourself.
Self evaluation will make you aware of your fundamental needs, core belief system , and allow you to identify your level of fulfillment.
This evaluation will give you a clear picture of what you may want to work on in a future seminar or private healing/spiritual coaching session.

  At the beginning of each one of my seminars and of my therapies I use eye open trance hypnotherapy to access the infinite resources of wisdom and healing power of the super conscious mind. Most of our current values are blinded by unconscious negative belief systems. The core of such values that we acquired from childhood are accumulation of negative experiences and obsolete beliefs.
To need nothing, to be content with “what is”, to be able to love, and appreciating of self and others unconditionally, is the ultimate goal. The more you raise awareness in regards to your authentic feelings and thoughts, the closer you get to that inner peace.
However accepting self and others with all the imperfections that make us human is a great way to liberate the ego and find authentic lasting joy.
All Points lead to now.... Blessings, Fabienne.


First wrote November 26th 2007 revised 1/23/2012

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