Fabienne Marneau



  Article Destination Harmony Column
Written by: Fabienne Marneau 
From time to time someone will inquire my services for reading their Futureā€¦   

I mainly use my gifts for healing purposes. I can see what my client sees in his mind. My Soul Paintings are the translation of many of these visions.

I prefer to guide my clients to find their own answers about their future direction in life. This is more empowering to them. They learn how to trust their own source of wisdom and how to activate it; a tool that will guide them in the future and in which they can rely on as long as they live. I can assure you that we are always able to find the answers to any question regarding the future, however from that perspective the client is filled with certainty and confidence rather than having to rely on someone else knowledge. Never give away your power, and exercise your FREE WILL. We make choices every day so we can learn, grow, and co-create our destiny.

Your truth lays in your soul; my destiny is to inspire the seed of such truth to bloom in harmony. As a medium I hope to guide you on the path to forgiveness, insights, peace through time of darkness or doubt. This will give you the power to open the door to a bright, loving, healthy and successful building of a fulfilling Future. So you can build your idyllic Future.

Once in my life I told a very dear friend that he was dying from Aids. That was possible for me because he needed me to help him with the steps that he had to take to prepare his earthly departure. I accepted to be that messenger, he was only in denying of what he already knew. Very often I tell clients who are afraid of death that their time is not up yet, but in general, I find it much more beneficial to guide rather than impose a vision that could only be one possibility among many other options. Remember that your FREE WILL needs to be trained, and that is why mind-reprogramming is so useful.

Who do YOU want to be? What kind of Future do you want to create for yourself? The way to your new Future can begin NOW!

With gratitude and love,