Fabienne Marneau





By Fabienne Marneau, CH - Date: 10-03-2008


   Physicists demonstrated that all matter vibrates including our own body. The average frequency of a healthy human body during the daytime is 62 to 68 Hz. but we can increase our frequencies up to 75%. See article: "Raising Frequency"

   The two active frequencies are color and tone. This is why many feel the vibrant color of a Soul Painting as healing or at last inspirational. When conducting Intuitive Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, the sound of my voice becomes music leading to experience easily and peacefully deep level of hypnotic trance.  

   In regards to vibrational attunement it is important to remember that “what is, is”. Without judgment, we can become the observer. The awareness brings insights that will allow us to make changes. 

   Self-liberation follows universal laws; it is your ability to balance your vibration that will stop the vicious victim/self-destruction cycle of your life. Learn how to open the heart center with the two active frequencies of color and tone to attunes your cellular field and harmonize cell memories. 

  Vibrational Attunement can be achieved using various healing modalities or when exposed to: 

  • Angel Healing 
  • Color Therapy, Soul Portrait Therapy 
  • Crystal Energy Therapy 
  • Devotional Contemplation 
  • Mystic Visitations of Ascendant Masters or Saints 
  • Prayers  
  • Palmtherapy® 
  • Re-Ki 
  • Shamanism using Divine Light & Wisdom 
  • Sound Therapy 
  • ThetaHealing®
  • Aromatherapy

   What do these healing techniques have in common? They use Love and Divine Light energy as medium instrumentation. Remember that there are only two energies: love and fear.  

    The purpose of any healing session or self-actualized workshop is to take you from the victim state to the observer attitude, who can let go of obsolete vibrations and reveal self as an empowered being. Attuning to self-actualized frequencies renew your Vital Energy ( Life Force, Prana, Chi, Ki) and raised awareness with full intensity and clarity.   

   Our next seminar or in person session will take you to each step, welcoming the Divine Union with the Eternal.  

   The only place and time is “HERE and NOW”!

Harmony & Light,