Unconditional Love 

Written by: Fabienne Marneau 
Unconditional Love in action” is a topic that I cherish from the depth of my soul since my early years. In fact, it is probably that quest that took me to leave my first career (working in the French Nasa, Matra Aerospace), my friends and family to study under a Spiritual Dordge a all new spirituality in south of France. Than later to adventure alone to the USA when I was 26 years old. Some of us need space to grow tall branches and deep roots. My parents understood my desire for freedom and did not stand in my way when I wished to go to another country.

“I shall love you if you give, do, don’t, change, etcetera": is the kind of words that we all heard or said since childhood. These words separate us from the unconditional Love that is so hard to accept sometime. As I visited Mary Magdalene grotto in south of France at "La Sainte Baume", I asked her to guide me to open my heart to that experience. In order to love we have first to purify our motives, remove all trace of resentment towards others, forgive all and be able to stop the habit of being judgmental.

St. Beaume Grotto   Inside the Sainte Baume grotto

Who do you love with absolute unconditional love? Do you feel reverence for your own self, in humility and simplicity? If we are the image of the Creator, isn't normal to reflect his beauty, innocence and power?

Self-actualization is part of the process that frees the heart to love and choose from new up-dated possibilities. Exercise your capacity of love by sharing the people that you love and your talents... we only get in life what we are willing to give ourself. Fear of lack will only attract emptiness. Abundance belongs to the givers. Let's love ourselves so we can love one an other freely, joyfully, unconditionally.

All my Holistic Workshops and Spiritual Retreats are invitations to manifesting in your life the multiple Gifts of the Mighty.

Your friend in the name of the Light that is shinning in and through our hearts now and for Eternity.

Love & Gratitude,



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