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"The steps to renew true Faith and experience your connection with the Divine." 
By: Fabienne Marneau, CH | Published:06/03/2012

True Faith knows no fear. When you trust the power of the Creator, you believe that Love is the only reality, where fear does not prevail. As a result your energy frequency vibrates at the level of peace, harmony, serenity, health and joy.

Because of your ability to make choices, you can transform your circumstances and self-actualize your state of mind.
The following steps will reconnect you to the flow consciousness attracting miracles and manifesting infinite possibilities of success:

Step 1: Be the observer

Honestly and without self-judgments, guilt or shame, recognize where you are in the present moment.
Evaluate the level of satisfaction or concern in each areas of your life by estimating them on the scale of 1 to 10 (10 being great).
Here are few examples of those life areas: health, family, love, work and carrier, spirituality, self-improvement, fitness, fun and leisure time, friends.

Step2: Let go of resistance and false control

Put all your trust in the Divine as your protector and supplier. Use Mantra to help you reprogram your mind and anchor your decision.

Mantra: “I recognize only one power: Love. In God I trust. I release the need to be right. I release the need to control my life or others. I am the daughter/son of a loving King. The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. Nothing is missing where the Lord is taking me. I am safe, loved and prosperous”

Step 3: Focus your attention

As soon as you are aware of which thoughts and emotions control you, affirm: “May the will of the Creator be my only light and inspiration. I give permission to the Infinite Source of Wisdom and Love to give me courage, creative insights, and renew my body-mind and soul now. I co-create miracles every day in many ways, under Grace. ”

Make a conscious decision to direct all your attention to only one intention at the time. The ripple effect will influence other areas of your life, so you do not need to worry about making a wrong decision by choosing intent. Direct your energy and attention on one at the time until you get results. Praise each success with a reward.

Step 4: Take action

A plan of action is indispensable to impress the subconscious mind with the direction to take. The impersonal subconscious mind obeys to your command, fulfilling your heart desires. If you show fear, it will provide you with more reasons to be fearful. If you prepare for bad, it will manifest what you are against (illness, separation, etc.) This is why like Mother Theresa, I am protesting against nothing (war, poverty, injustice, etc). I rather promote goodness, health, love, abundance, peaceā€¦

By showing faith in your actions, with confidence in your destiny, you will also attract all the help that is needed to succeed. Believe in the end result without telling the Universe how to proceed.
Mantra: “I recognize only one power: Love. The life force of Infinite Possibilities creates miracles without delay supplying all that is mine by divine rights. The walls of misfortune is falling down so I can walk safe in my Promised Land. I give permission to the Source of All to intervene in all areas of my life for the highest good of all, under grace, in a perfect way. I am a magnet for success, prosperity and joy.”

Step 5: Express Gratitude

Fill your heart with gratitude before receiving your heart desires. Praise the beauty, harmony, goodness that surrounds you. Daily dedicate  a specific time to create the habit of gratitude practicing “Action of Grace” by saying a prayer or a mantra that express reverence for the creation.
By affirming that you are good will also show that you respect yourself as the fruit of the Creator. “I am a good girl/boy (say it 3 times), I am a super good girl/boy, and I love you God (Divine, any word that is comfortable for you).”

“I praise the Creator for the miracle of life”


Source: http://www.fabiennemarneau.com/True-Faith.html
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"I recognize only one energy, power, reality: Love"