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There Is Always A Solution

By Fabienne Marneau

One of my clients-friend of 20 years was ready to experience a powerful healing from Heart Soul Therapy
(Time Line Therapy combined with Palmtherapy). I had to share her testimonial, to encourage every soul on the planet to know that "There is always a Solution".

Dear Fabienne,

Only a couple of days ago I lived under this cloud of anger, hostility and aggression. Believe me I thought I had tried everything to let it go but I couldn't or wouldn't. You are so right when you told me "there is always a solution".

Then you and I sat together and you held my hand and spoke softly to me, and "did that thing you do". An hour later something inside me had changed so dramatically it is sort of beyond words.

All I can do is share some results. I now feel like I have sunshine in my heart. It is a natural and easy feeling. Where there was a wall of icy stone over my feelings now there is sweetness and kindness. I am transformed.

By the way, people have noticed the change. They feel a different energy coming from me.

You have a special way, a special gift. Thank you from my soul.

Grace Elizabeth

 All we have to do is to be fully Present . The miracle is the grace, the awe itself ofBeing.Please never give-up, we are one and we are all going home together.  When we cast the clouds of fear and anxiety, we open the door to Prosperity .  Success happen naturally as soon as we are able to sustain in a vibration of Confidence and Peace.

The time is NOW!

Blessings, Fabienne


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