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By Fabienne Marneau, CH - 06-24-2007



Finding the Truth

What would you say if you could access the truth with your higher and best interest, every time you wonder about any question related to your health (such as choice of vitamins), business decisions, or relationships? 

You may have heard of dowsers searching for water, minerals or even for missing persons. Did you know that you can also dowse to identify emotional issues such as fear, find the cause of an addiction, a block in your success? You may find guidance on solving practical problems, such as where to relocate your house or your office for a profitable outcome. Dowsing can assist you to anchor love and happiness in your relationships as well. 

With Therapeutic Dowsing we can access very precise answers about any subject that is ethical to ask. Spiritual Dowsing with Pendulum not only clarifies problems but can heal them even at distance (Telepathic Dowsing). Like many other healers, I can feel from within my own body the truth of a statement, it is part of being a clairsentient (clairvoyance through all the senses, such as shivering), however with dowsing I can be more specific. For example, we can find out how much time is necessary before a healing can take place, or when a move is appropriate to relocate a business.  

The principle behind dowsing is the fact that we can connect with the Source of all Wisdom, Truth and Love for knowledge and healing. 
The pendulum is a medium to connect with the Divine Source: Higher Self, God, Goddess, Infinite Spirit, Holy Spirit, Life Force or what ever name is comfortable for you to use. I had been clearing Chakras since I had the privilege to learn Crystal Therapy from Dr. Sunny Satin himself before his passing in 2006. First the pendulum indicates the Chakras that need to be balanced, cleared or recharged; than the healing takes place using a Generator Crystal and telepathy with spiritual and mental projection. 

A cute case study involves one of my clients whose cat was suffering from nightmares. The cat would regularly wake-up at night obviously frightened. After a 20 minute session of Telepathic Healing (the cat was not present at the session), we got to the cause of the nightmares and received permission to heal. The cat has slept like a baby ever since and does not show anymore signs of being afraid. Click here for testimonials.  

Therapeutic Dowsing & Telepathic Healing can be done in office, e-mail or by phone session.

Blessings, Fabienne.