Quest of the Lost Paradise 

“Become who you are” French philosopher
By Fabienne Marneau, CH 

You had been told that you need to adapt to changes and evolution is part of the journey.
Just imagine that in fact all you need to do is to remember who you really are: a soul, eternal and divine.
Transformation is converting to our original nature, here and now, because there is nowhere else to go. To find the lost paradise is to change how you perceive yourself.
In Genesis, the Paradise is described as idyllic innocence, peace and harmony. As soon as the Satan (ego lower-self) made Adam and Eve change the way they saw each other, separation started with blame, shame and judgment. The paradise was no longer their world. The ego had taken control of their minds. In consequences their body’s experienced suffering and solitude invaded their hearts. They were separated from love, wisdom and source of all: God. 
If any  change is necessary from our part, it is more like going back to the innocence of our original essence.
Christ said that to enter the Kingdom of Heaven we have to be like a child: pure, innocent and humble.
Seeking such innocence is to create changes that are necessary to awaken to the Presence of the Eternal within ourselves and all around us. Once the delusion of believing that you are separated from the Creator vanishes, you can heal your mind, rejoice and enjoy knowing your original soul’s purpose. 

Heart Soul Therapy Healing and Papillon Transformational Seminars are leading to recovering an innocent heart through forgiveness and compassion. Destination Harmony will guide you through the process of self-discovery to renew your spirit opening new possibilities of creativity to achieve your destiny in loving ways.

All points lead to NOW!


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