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By Fabienne Marneau Date: 6-03-09




The more I experience Past Life Regression Therapy to find the cause of present issues in my client’s life, the faster other modalities used such as ERT (Emotional Release Therapy) can achieve their healing goals.


Dr.Tramont had been a surgeon, OB/GYN physician for over 32 years and now converted in a semi-retirement practice of Past Life Regression to help people with physical as well as mental and emotional distress.

In his book “Birth to Rebirth”, Dr.Tramont, M.D. concludes with: “By taking spirituality seriously, physicians would be able to give their patients a much grater degree of thorough and comprehensive care, because by doing so they will be addressing not only the needs of the mind and body, but also those of the soul. Our creator has shown us the most masterful of designs in His unique creation of the human body. Its complexity defies description, while its miraculous functions define medicine. Should physicians not also recognize and show reverence for the power of its life-giving force, the eternal soul?”

The following three conditions are self-healing enemies:


1)       Negative Emotions  

Negative emotions invade the mind lowering the immune system and block the creative process of imagination, also called Dream Zone, Flow or Self-hypnotic Visualization with intent.



      2)  Lack of Faith 

To co-create with the super-conscious mind we need to believe in the process.

Self-doubt and lack of faith in the goodness of the Infinite Spirit trigger low communication with higher self, spirit guides and angels.


      3)  Drugs 

When using drugs, alcohol and of course legal medical drugs, the mind is alterated in such a way that the higher consciousness is not functioning.  

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The free will of intent is the key to unlock the flow of wisdom and love that is always available to us. There is not such thing as “chosen one”; only souls ready to grow through learning’s and forgiveness.

"The Soul as Healer Retreat" is an invitation to “faire le point” (make a stop at a checking point) and search in the present moment what brings pain, limitation, blocks or lack of energy, creativity, joy and purpose in your life.


Gnostic Transpersonal Therapy is an open window to the garden of your unlimited possibilities


The Time is NOW!