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By Fabienne Marneau, CH - 3/10/2010

The Five Secrets To Effortlessly Attract Abundance For Life

Many people complain about not having enough money to do the things that they wish to do.

Even though it is often wised to control your finances efficiently, always remember that money is nothing more than energy. A consciousness of lack just creates more karma of poverty. This is why when I accept a love offering from clients, I always empower them to be aware of creating negative karma through consciousness of lack.

To avoid attracting negative karma related to money, remember that a "love offering" must always be an amount that is fair to both parties, and it must be offered with integrity so that your offering never undermines the value of the services offered. When integrity of intent is present with a love offering, your healing can be achieved more quickly because Truth is an integral part of the healing process.

Remember also that spiritual healing such as Heart Soul Therapy using hypnotherapy and palmtherapy is a very powerful tool. When you have trust and faith in the process, you can make very swift progress toward the goal of inner peace and freedom from ego-bound fears. If you are hesitant to seek healing because of the cost, please read the following testimonial >>

By trusting the Source of Abundance, we can easily attract more energy of Prosperity.

How can You effortlessly attract Abundance for life?

Remember that 90 % of our negative thoughts are from past programming.

To shift from consciousness of lack and become a magnet to abundance is simple, yet the following specific steps must be carried out and observed on a daily basis.

1)  Clear the past
It is essential to resolve any past issues relating to lack of any kind first; I recommend healing unfinished business and/or past trauma using Life Regression in Time Line Therapy mode combined with Palmtherapy. See article on Healing.

2) Reprogram your Mind.
By listening to the self-hypnosis CD daily you can effortlessly begin to believe in what you really want to happen in your life. Begin this daily process and you will quickly begin to feel peace and confidence in your heart, followed by prosperity and abundant success in all of your intentions. The subconscious mind needs 90 days to complete reprogramming to change habits and behavior.

3) Trust the Source of All
On a daily basis make a positive effort to stay centered and in tune with the presence of the creator. Let go and surrender to God, the Source of All with a peaceful and loving heart.

When things get tough, ask for help. When things are easy acknowledge this and show gratitude.

4) Consciously focus on Attracting Prosperity
It is very important to be positive and focus your attention on been attracting money. Be specific with your desire. If attracting money or even wealth is important to you, think about what it represents to you and visualize this in detail. Trust that you can become a magnet to money using the creating power of your mind. Use your imagination to let your subconscious mind create miracles of synchronicity. See article: Law of Attraction

5) Create new paradigms
What does this mean? By making deliberate choices and actions to support your intentions to attract prosperity, you can actually create new harmonious morphic fields in your life.

Practice daily actions and choose your environment, including the people that you associate with, based on your intent and you will change your circumstances.

By raising your energy with intent of wellness and prosperity, synchronicity will attract infinite possibilities of success and creative insights.

Let's create new vibrant energy to experience the Life Force of Abundance and transform our reality!