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Destination Harmony Column 
Fabienne Marneau -  3/07/09  
   Today a client canceled a session with me because her regular psychotherapist told her not to see me until she finishes working on past hurt with her. Of course she had been in therapy for years without results, yet was feeling better immediately with me after only two sessions —not having headaches, fear, or resentment from a traumatic childhood. With her I used Palmtherapy, Time Line Therapy, and Hypnotherapy that connected with her higher self. This kind of therapy does not consider the painful past separate from the present because it goes against the concept of holographic universe. Instead, time is no longer viewed as linear, as in the Newtonian theory of quantum physics and time relativity, discovered by scientists like Einstein and Dr. Steven Hawkins.  
   Time Line Therapists, such as myself, know that we only have the present; and through the present, the past and/or the future can be accessed for healing or knowledge.  
    The ego does not want us to heal. Its survival depends on the amount of pain and insecurity that is controlling the mind. Spiritual counseling and transpersonal healing by-pass the ego mind which controls the conscious mind. Only the subconscious mind can connect with the higher self and divine Source of wisdom and unconditional love.  
Traditional psychology works solely at the level of the ego. This is why healing can be such a battle and take years painful work. Remember, the subconscious mind does not know the difference between what is happening now or in the past; it does not recognize what is real or what is from an irrational fear or phobia.   

  Transpersonal Soul Healing Therapies can be instantaneous and therefore bring peace, comfort, feelings of self-love and worth.  

   Many  psychotherapists use spiritual guidance in an unconscious way, which is the real reason for their ability to assist asuccessfulny forgiveness processes during therapy. (See article on “Healing is forgiveness”.)

   Most religions and psychotherapists tell you that you cannot trust your own mind. This is not true. Instead, Transpersonal Gnostic healing allows the Divine Source to restore soul power to heal body and mind.     
   This resistance from my client’s psychotherapist, who does not understand the methods used in my spiritual counseling and hypnotherapies, is not shared by most psychotherapists and Medical Doctors. Nurses, Medical Doctors, Surgeons, Chiropractors, and others in the medical field consistently refer their patients to me as well as become clients themselves.  

   With regards to my own personal situation, as soon as I was able to put my human heartache aside, I then felt gratitude for having an opportunity given to me: to write this article! So now, I ask you to share back with me, a personal story or account that could describe your most profound experience that kept you and your ego in check.  

   Remember, when joy and inner peace radiate, the ego is out of town! Until next encounter…   

May Peace be with you!