Fabienne Marneau





By Fabienne Marneau    


An unwritten want is a wish. The day you put your goal in writing is the day it becomes a commitment that will change your life. Are you ready?

Either you commit to a Healthy Lifestyle, Financial Freedom, Harmonious Relationships or Self-development you need to have precise target clearly written. Because you think that you know what your heart desire, you are putting off the actions that are necessary to succeed.

Papillon Transformational on going Seminars  and the  90-Day Breakthrough online Program are reveling the steps to take for personal achievement and spiritual self-actualization.

There are three reasons to not achieve your goals, money included:

1) The first obstacle that we have to identify is the "Hazard Interference". When you feel drained, sometime the cause is outside your feel of consciousness. For example a family member or friend can reduce your energy by projecting negativity around you. Maybe your ancestors belief system does not allow you to wish greatness for yourself. Or you may identify yourself as been a care giver figure and feel guilty when taking care of you. Healing from the past may need to be done at this point with a professional individual session.

2) The second is timing. Timing exist in everything, faith is the key to accept what is, as the result of karma and life purpose. Than surround to the Divine Guidance and BELIEVE in Providence, the support from Infinite Spirit of Love and Wisdom. "Rien ne saurrait manquer ou tu me conduis" (Nothing lack where you are taking me) Psalm

3) Third is Focus of Action.

'Where attention goes, energy goes' it is the Law of Attraction. 70% of your thoughts may be fitting against you. You attract the wrong things because of this. Thoughts of lack, or guilt may be the result of family history of negativity. Clearing thought need to be done first, than we can shift the focus of attention toward more positive outcome.

Than you write down your goals, using the emotional charge of your heart desire and dreams. Writing them done, will bring force the energy capable to support your guided decisions and sustain your actions.

All our seminars and classes are working to help you manifest your dreams by achieving self-actualization.

The time is NOW!

Blessings and to your success!


  Date: 1-13-10 Revised 1/27/2012