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By Fabienne Marneau, CH  Date: 2-09-2010



 Following a Training for a new wellness business I realized that the whole process of self-development was the same that I planed for my next Self-help Seminar. Relationship with yourself, sense of wholeness, and be able to define who you are and who you want to be, are the focus points of such powerful mind discovery.

In business as in relationships, if you don't know what you want, if you have no real strong desire and purpose, your affairs and emotions will be like a boat without Capitan. To resist the wind and get to your promised land, you need to believe and have a clear vision of your ideal life. See article: "Clarity of Intent".

Many Transpersonal Hypnosis exercises that are used in my seminars, CDs and private sessions free the subconscious mind of blocks and obsolete believes, than reprogram positive successful possibilities. Since the brain does not know the difference between idea and reality, it is either working against your happiness and success or become your best asset. The key is to direct and choose the thoughts capable to create new results; the mind has to be reprogrammed and trained.

"Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm." Sir Winston Churchill
With a strong mission and passion your heart will not tire and it will be impossible to give-up. With inspired determination all is possible. Synchronicity manifests infinite possibilities to those who follow the rules of success such as law of attraction.

Every participants of
Self-actualization Seminar receive a personal message from Spirit as gift and learn how to awake and activate the genie of their super conscious mind.

Are you ready to experience clarity and trust in your DESTINY to accomplish your heart success? The time is NOW!

To your success and blessings,