Spiritual Feng Shui 

Feng Shui Tradition


"Where your attention goes, energy flows. As above, so below.

As within, so without."

  When focusing your attention on a positive goal, your mind becomes one with the mental picture. This is also called "active imagination".

  When making the conscious choice of believing in the end result will infuse and transform your reality. The law of attraction becomes the law of manifestation.

Based on Feng Shui tradition and philosophy, you can create an environment that anchor the vision of your heart’s desire and is supported by the Universal Laws of energy. 


     Each Bagua (specific areas in your house, office, building...) represents a specific aspect of your life. When you believe that what you see is possible and that you deserve it; you are opening the door to manifestation.  



Home and/or office Spiritual Feng Shui benefits: 

* clear negative energy and change obsolete concepts. 

* support the power of your intent. 

* keep the vital energy flow healthy and strong. 

* remind you with symbols the archetypes that influence your life. 

*  bless all living members of the building such as co-workers and/or clients in office; children, animals friends and plants of the household .


Fabienne Marneau, CH offers  Seminars on Energy Clearing and on location clearing to guide you create the environment most efficient to be safe, feeling energized and to accomplish your personal goals as well.  
On Location Spiritual Feng Shui    

On location Spiritual Feng Shui - $300

Two hours service within 30 minutes from Lake Forest, CA. - $300    Extra charge of $50 per hour for extra time on site and/or travelling time will be assessed for further distance; plus transportation cost such as airfare and taxi when needed.   



Feng Shui Seminar