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Destination Harmony Column
Fabienne Marneau - 5 /16/09   

Speaking your truth is not only necessary for healthy communication but to assure inner peace and good energy circulation. When the Throat Chakrais blocked, the link between the heart emotions seeded in the Heart Chakra and the spiritual wisdom of the Third Eye Chakra is broken.


When the ego feels hurt, attacked or loosing control, the reaction is often unpleasant.

Speaking our truth is essential however it must be done in a loving and respectful way. Otherwise the reacting words will hurt the interlocutor ego back and the vicious circle goes on and on.

This happen with all kind of relationships but even more often with close loved ones such as parents/teenagers, siblings, spouses or partners.Teenagers are famous for been overly emotional, feeling hurt easily, reacting in excess out of proportion like milk on fire.

 For years, my brother could not talk to me without picking on me with rude comments without an apparent reason until one day I calmly asked him why he felt the need to behave this way. I remember that I gave him a note to read asking that question, so he would be able to reflect on it when ever he choose to do so without feeling pressured.  
He than took me for a ride the next day and the answer I received was quiet a surprise for me...
 “I have to tell you first," says my brother, "that I do love you very much and also admire you for moving to the USA by yourself to create an interesting life. Your kids turned out to be good human beings and that is telling a lot about you, since raising children is a big challenge. I know that I am aggressive toward you as I am toward my own older daughter, however the reason is not that I dislike you both, it is because I see in you something that I don’t like about myself, or rather, something that scares me. I am talking about the way you are passionate in life and excessive. I do have the same fire in me, although I am not comfortable with that, so I fight you unconsciously instead of going with the flow of acceptance.” 
Since that day, my relationship with my brother is much more natural and relaxed.

I shared this with you so you can reflect and search what mirror may be in the donjon of your subconscious mind…


Learning’s from early childhood influence how we express ourselves. If such programming was not feed with loving words and thoughts, the mind remembers and reproduces negative and even aggressive attitudes, thinking that it is normal, following the behavior of past experiences.

To break such negative pattern, we may use mind-reprogramming CD’s along with professional Hypnotherapy; Chakras Therapy and Palmtherapy® sessions.


In order to identify the root of our behavior, Spiritual Seminars and Self-actualized Retreats are fantastic insightful awakening tools and guides.


For example "The Soul as Healer" Retreat explore Life Regression Therapy to find the cause of difficult circumstances, emotional blocks and /or negative behavior. Through awareness and forgiveness we'll be able to experience profound healing creating the space for inner peace and joy, to sustain freely and safely.