Fabienne Marneau




Destination Harmony Column
By Fabienne Marneau - 10/14/2010


Although Abundance includes inner peace, health, joy and love, even materialistic things such as money can manifest at will using the Power of Mind.

Once the purpose of your life is fully revealed and you understand the essence of your Soul, you experience transcendence and open the gate to Creative Prosperity.

When your soul purpose becomes your only focus in life, it intensify your connection to the Source of Wisdom creating  miracles. You  live in "Flow Consciousness" and are in the 'Now' because you  feel out of time and space. You are free of ego limitations and perception changes. The Akashic Field of creation is the playground of all possibilities, the reservoir of infinite resources and the some of all physical, etheric and astral realities. 

What is the value of such transformational method?
Self-actualization not only stops alienation of the ego-mind but frees the heart from sadness and other emotional burdens. New loving feelings bring wholeness and inner peace tangible in your life.  The truth of your  soul purpose becomes the light shining through the clouds of confusion and emotional suffering. "No more tears" like the song says.

Peace, joy and self-awareness lead to action. It will come as a natural step after healing. Knowing your life's purpose will empower you with the desire to accomplish your destiny. Insights into the soul give power to the intent of our choices. Once the truth is revealed to consciousness we never can go back to ignorance.This is why you have everything to gain by giving yourself the opportunity of self-discovery. You deserve to take the time to listen to the song of your Soul,  so you can recognize your Soul Name and see in your divine mind the beauty of your Soul Essence.

The Papillon Method invites you to experience the journey of your own transformation with ease, in harmony with universal laws and under Divine Grace.
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