Fabienne Marneau

 By Fabienne Marneau, CH - Date: 03-27-08
  English Cream Retriever: Max

Yesterday we got a new puppy and I feel like I am a mommy again, it is wonderful!
So much joy has entered our home since we prepared the crate, got the baby shampoo and toys before getting our baby Max (Maximilian, Maxi, depending on the circumstances).
All the family got together to make our house puppy proof and safe.
As soon as we saw Max, we knew we were up for an incredible adventure full of love.

I started noticing how easy everything was all of a sudden. Nothing seems to bother me.
The whole family is walking on clouds and wanting to share pictures and call far away family members to share in our joy.

I believe that Love is LOVE. Any expression of pure unconditional love makes you grow and shine.

I remember the strong bond of love that my husband and I felt towards our first son Matthieu after his birth. The intense love was many times stronger than anything we felt before he was born. We knew that nothing would ever be the same, we were transformed for ever. We concluded that it was partially because such feeling is unconditional love.

The welcoming of Max in our home is renewing the wonders of pure love and this time our children can be illuminated as well. I feel that our family is now complete.
I even observed how it helped me recognize my occasional lack of genuine feelings toward other people at times. Being aware helped me to correct the judgmental attitudes and thoughts to much more selfless ones.

The correlation with our seminar on “Unconditional Love” is becoming stronger and more apparent as I observe the effect of such spontaneous happiness. The gift of Love, the joy of love needs to be shared. How can we share more of our talent and compassion to each other? Come and find out a new way to live and express our gratitude and love everyday…be a part of our Harmonic Relationships Seminar or Retreat .
Joy and peace on earth at it is in heaven, Fabienne.

Max Max.

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