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  Fabienne Marneau, CH - Date: 08-28-07 




Just as the butterfly metamorphosis , we experience "Shape Shifting" consciously and unconsciously many times in our life.  

O ne of the purposes of healing and empowerment is to consciously Shape Shift physically and/or mentally. 

This miracle is the ultimate Law of Attraction in action since you can only become what you already know as being you.  


Scientists now say that everything around us including our-self is energy and this energy has existed since the big bang. Also each cell and atom in our body changes completely within a year. Nothing is created, everything transform itself such as our children's Transformer toys do.  

Therefore every part of our body inter-exchanges with the rest of the original creation energy: water, minerals, vegetal and fire…  

We are ONE in all levels of physical and metaphysical senses.  


Shamanic Shape Shifting methods still exist in our modern world as techniques for global and personal transformation as John Perkins describes in his book “Shape Shifting”, p.85 cote: “Always be ”. Never try to become . You can be anything you want, just don’t work at becoming . Remember to be it.” 

Maybe this is one other way to follow Shakespeare famous: “To be or not to be” and French philosopher: “Become who you are”. 


This very simple concept represents to me the center focus point of my healing work. When people ask me how I can become a healer? I reply: “You are, or you’re not a healer. You cannot become a healer”. Same thing apply to singing. Of course all your life you improve and work at your art, but the foundation of our gift is inherent to our destiny. Our free will respond by “yes, I accept the mission”, or “no thank you”.   


On the same level of understanding, when a new client come to me to change behavior with addictions, anger or negative emotions, they often assume that it will take a long time before changes can manifest. I always encourage them to have high expectation from their healing, to claim their divine rights and to believe in miracles.  

My Mind-reprogramming CD’s works in this sense to amplify the effect of the private sessions and seminars. 


Remember to e-mail me your comment or questions since it is the best feedback for me to know if my thoughts are clearly translated from these few words. 

All my very best, in harmony & Light,  




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