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Become your own best Friend! 
 Without the foundation of healthy self-esteem and self appreciation, harmonious relationships cannot exist. In order to evaluate your level of self-esteem, ask yourself what story comes to your mind when you look at yourself in the mirror. Who are you and what do you really know about your true feelings, desires, gifts and dreams?  

Learn how to become your own best Friend

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Introduction to Become Your Own Best Friend 

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Draw a line in the middle of a page and make a list on one side with everything you like about yourself including your accomplishments and talents. On the other side list what you wish to improve, change or that you simply do not like about yourself. Writing down fears or challenges will free your subconscious mind and prepare you for the next step: believing in solutions and finding the courage to take action toward resolving your challenges.


Tools to become your own best friend

The trance hypnotic mind-reprogramming techniques of Papillon Transformational Method are used in Destination Harmony seminars, private healing sessions, coaching programs, or Self-hypnosis CD to help you believe that There is always a Solution” to overcome any challenge.

1) Self-Hypnosis


 New "Self-Love CD" intro

 Relax, breath deeply and listen to the Self-hypnosis CDs  to learn how to relax, let go of ego control and start reprogramming old belief systems that no longer works for you. When your subconscious mind will believe the new story about who you want to be, the law of attraction will become the law of manifestation. We need 90-Day to change each belief...


2) Self-help Seminars & Self-actualization Retreats

Live group holistic Seminars can be a great catalyst for change and growth. When realizing that your issues are shared with other participants your isolation and self-judgment will broke down, giving new possibilities of self-healing.

One of Fabienne's Retreat participants said that she always thought of being weak until she experienced in the Past Life Regression session a total different scenario. The understanding of such past experience changed her awareness and now she has a total different perception of who she is, much more empowered.
See the testimonial in the Retreat Video >>


3) Heart Soul Therapy Individual Sessions

Heart Soul Therapy Healing of private sessions may be useful in the event that you feel stuck in a process or if you are digging into too much pain coming from resentment, anger, jealousy or sadness, shame and guilt related to your past relationships with family or dramatic events. Those wounds will influence the quality of your relationships with siblings, romantic love, your children if any; and anybody in contact with you professionally or in social gathering until you clear them.

4) Spiritual Coaching

In office or phone sessions of Destination Harmony Spiritual Coaching  Program  target the cause of procrastination, lack of motivation and lead to the discovery of life purpose and true passion to realize self-destiny.

The interactive 90-Day Breakthrough online Coaching offers many exercises to reprogram the subconscious mind and be aware of internal self-talk.

* Most of Self-hypnosis CDs are included in the Coaching Programs

When tapping into infinite creative possibilities, the grace of true self-love can be experience.

All points leads to Now!


by Fabienne Marneau, CH - 06/14/2012

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