Fabienne Marneau



  Revenge or Justice? 
"Capital Execution " 

By: Fabienne Marneau, CH 
Rather than debating a political viewpoint or moral issue, I had to express my indignation and try to share a more spiritual perspective.

As I was trying to chase away the sadness felt from tonight execution, I had to explain to my younger son that killing, even a criminal, is still a murder and that society should not cover up such barbaric act with good conscience. The death penalty only increases suffering and creates more negative Karma.

I prayed for his soul and the families involved from both sides of this painful event.

What does Capital Execution mean to us? Why do we seek revenge? Can justice be served by removing a convict from society and letting him serve a life-long sentence in prison? A convict who is capable of admitting and recognizing his crimes can ask for forgiveness and access redemption. Of course he would still remain in prison. “An eye for an eye” never ends the dynamic of hatred and teaches nothing that is constructive.

The need for revenge comes from either our Tribal Beliefs, or personal emotional history. A painful memory of injustice may alter our discernment.
Awareness implies freedom of choices. When a human being is in such extreme pain that he can commit suicide or commit an act of violence toward another human being, his freedom of choices is limited. Absence of lucidity leads to delusion.
How can we ignore the pain of those who act so poorly? Like you and I, they do the best they can. And sometime that best is quiet tragic! Compassion and forgiveness are the opposite of weakness. Gandhi or Martin Luther King who both blessed their assassins hardly qualifies as naive.

When we realize that we are on earth to balance past Karma until all debts are clear, than we understand the depth of our life purpose.

May the Light and Infinite Love of the Eternal welcome his son, so he can complete his healing and pursue his journey to balance karma from the other side.
Welcome the Gifts of each lessons of your journey.
Recognize the purpose of each circumstance and event of your existence.
Remember that on a karmic and spiritual level we can never be a victim.
Choose unconditional love, absent of judgments and expectations.
Believe that there is always a solution.
Realize that any life is a blessing, priceless and a seed of divine innocence.
May your merciful heart sing today a song of Love, far from the tumult of revengeful though.

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