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By Fabienne Marneau - March 23rd 2011 revised 1/27/2012

"Without a vision, our life is out of purpose.  Intention without action brings desillusion and feeling of failure. Find your Passion and let the Infinite Love and Source of All act within and through you.  Believe that the Life force of the Universe is supporting and guiding you and all obstacles will vanish. Synchronicity creates miracles to those who can say yes to their destiny." ~Fabienne Marneau 

Procrastination is number one enemy of success along with finding excuses and believing in those stories that are limiting and sabotaging your Life.

Excuses for not being happy, excuses for failing in business, excuses for not having time to exercise, eat healthy, etc.
When you see the handicapped runners in the last LA Marathon for example, you cannot allow yourself to pretend to believe in those excuses.

Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.
~George Bernard Shaw

What is your excuse today for not showing up to be invincible? What dream have you locked out in the closet?

I believe that Procrastination is coming from Lack of Passion.
What do you love to do the most? What makes you happy? In other words, we procrastinate with things that we do not value.

If your excuse is financial just make sure not to fall into the trap of low consciousness of lack. If you can afford your bottle of scotch, your fancy car or brand name clothes than you can afford a seminar or healing session. I put all my money for the past 35 years into educational training to be who I am today. I paid for all those trainings and healing myself, so I am not too impressed by excuses. I even left my family and country of origin to fulfill my desire for growth.

What do you procrastinate aboutthese days? You probably have a list of annoying chores such as closet organization, balancing checks book, cleaning the garage, write to elderly relatives, or going to the gym. Wild guess...

If you believe that no matter how hard you try, it is impossible to loose weight or be successful at any business, you will stop trying because failure does not feel good.

Fear is the other reason why we freeze incapable of reaching successFear of been emotionally hurt will block communications with love ones. Fear of success and changes will give us excuses not to pursue our heart desire. Lack of
self-worth  and fear of being judged as being selfish will not allow you to go forward.

Encouragement and motivational tools will not be sufficient. Hypnotherapy with mind re-programming is a powerful tool to change habits and belief system. It is essential to clear negative belief systems before working on new goals. Once your subconscious mind is free from self-limitations, flow consciousness will open doors to new exciting possibilities and you will receive creative insights from your higher-self. This is how healing and empowerment leads to creativity and inspirations.

When you find something that strikes YOUR passion I can guarantee you, you will be energized, successful and joyful.

Heart Soul Therapy Healing and Papillon Transformational Method came to me as a result of my constant thirst and search for solutions. The Soul Paintings and Spiritual Songs are the gifts from heaven that will allow me to keep going with awe, joy and delightful enchantment. My only purpose is to share with unconditional love, patience, commitment and endurance what make my heart and soul full of faith. Only than I can say: I believe in YOU!

With all this in mind the 90-Day online Coaching Program emerged.

Blessings in Light & Love,

With all this in mind the 90-Day online Coaching Program emerged. P (949) 294-9893