Fabienne Marneau





By Fabienne Marneau, CH - 11-10-2009 



One of my clients had an energy healing with someone who started giving a psychic reading without her request or permission. She wants to know how her free will is real since she was told about a future significant event coming within 5 years into her life. Because the prediction was coming from a Spirit Guide, how do we know when to trust the other side? Are the beings over there more connected to the divine or does it vary? 

Here is my answer: 

Any psychic reading is based on both the perception of the reader and the energy field of the subject in the present moment even if the information is viewed as future. 

From the point A in the present to point B in the future is a multitude of possibilities. Our choices, intent and free will as well as outsiders interventions can and will modify to some extent, or totally reverse those possibilities to create new paradigm.   

The old battle between predestination and free agency is now a question of choice. Being the free thinker that I am, I cannot imagine life without the gift of freedom offered by the Divine. Without free will we would be nothing more than moppets and true Love would not be possible. A despot cannot be loved or respected, but only feared. Fear is the opposite of Love. 

Each one of us carries the seed of his own destiny into his heart and soul. What we call 'God will' is the invitation to recognize such vision. The courage to act and the willingness to manifest all possibilities under Grace is part of our free agency. 


Nothing is in stone and nobody knows the future 100%. This is the beauty of the mystery. Do you remember in the movie about a pianist who had a break down, he said: 'Life is a mystery, isn't?' Let's keep that mystery and trust the love, guidance and protection of the Creator. Please do not worry and do not give power to what you don't need to know. Concentrate on the present moment and your daily choices. 

This is why I don't like it when people ask me their future, I don't find it empowering. 

The future is NOW! 

As far as the other side, unless we deal with Ascendant Master, other spirit guides that are human are not better than you and I. Trust your own connection with the Divine. 

Please dear reader talk to me about your questions.