Fabienne Marneau



By Fabienne Marneau, CH - September 2009 
Power of Intent

Every year, we take a family trip to the mountain either to Mono Hot Springs or Lake Edison.

 Each time I felt resourced and rejuvenated, although the first days stir some negative emotions that need to be resolved or let go of. I heard that passing stones are very painful but once it is done, the relief is great without a trace of remaining discomfort. Well maybe purging the subconscious mind is similar. You can’t hide from the power of your subconscious mind, but once you have cooperated with it, the results are beyond what you can imagine...

My work and my life always had been about trying to understand the dynamic of the mind components and beyond to rich out the wisdom of the soul. Away from my busy life I breathe peace; I welcome silence so I can hear the flow of inspiration and my heart recovers true deep gratitude and joy.

I believe that using meditation, self-hypnosis, and visualization can bring back the conditions necessary to achieve our most crucial goals and life purposes. This is why Papillon Transformational Seminars, as well as individual sessions teach how to live in the present moment. Once in the presence of the Infinite Intelligence, and Source of Love, then your Destiny can unfold according to the Divine plan.

The Divine invitation is not complicated, it carries only goodness toward our incarnated soul. If you can trust the Love of the Creator, you can unify your desires, intent and needs. Under the guidance of the Eternal, then clarity and infinite peace will replace the turmoil of your ego.

All points lead to NOW!

Blessings, Fabienne.