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Destination Harmony Column

By Fabienne Marneau - 12/15/2010


I recently experienced a clear example how not being attached to the outcome of a situation allows the universe to provide us with a deeper acceptance and clarity relating to your life purpose.

Sometime before my last scheduled seminar, I thought about rescheduling to a  later date because no one had pre-registered. I felt non-attached to the outcome either way.  I had in mind only the desire and intent to serve when and if needed. I continued to feel this non-attachment when I went to my magic sanctuary (the famous Jacuzzi) and with gratitude, I received beautiful insights on the topic of love, detachment and forgiveness. I saw with clarity that as soon as you are in flow of acceptance for what is, with intent of service for the higher good of all, the whole Universe puts in action synchronicity that brings forth what you innocently desire.
Immediately after being able to say: "Tell me Mighty what you want me to do. Let me be where I need to be to serve best, now", my first participant called, then a second one did. The seminar had to be, and was going to be perfect. Yes perfect because blessed by the divine love that supports the wings of my work. Because my ego was not involved, and I expressed only my desire and intent to be attuned to my Dharma, I received exactly what I needed to continue working in the perfection of my life purpose. Whenever you doubt your gifts and talents, which are inherent to the purpose of your life, keep in mind that you have a destiny which only you can fulfill.

When you are in flow of acceptance and availability, your destiny unfolds naturally and peacefully. Expectations without attachments free your mind and heart. Unconditional love can only be experienced through non-attachment, for both others and yourself. Unconditional love is the absence of judgment and expectation without attachment.

You may be thinking: 'Ho, this is a very nice story, but what do we do about the more emotionally charged expectations or attachments we have, such as love relationships between spouses or parents and child? There is not such a thing as a large or small demonstration of non-attachment. When the outcome is enjoyable we call it synchronicity and when it brings pain we call it a disaster. In reality, the entire universe collaborates to manifest the logical payout of our collective Karma. Karma being the sum of all thoughts, actions and deeds. There are no favorites here. We all get what we deserve in the sense that what we put in our life will come back as a blessing or a curse according to the quality of those thoughts and deeds. This is why we can never be truly a victim. The Law of Karma is non emotional and is impersonal, it does not judge.

Unconditional Love expressed through forgiveness and compassion is the magic wand that transforms everything. 





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