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Destination Harmony Column

By Fabienne Marneau -11/04/2010


Since early childhood you inherited belief system that really belong to your parents, social environment, ethnic, religious background, etc. I was very young when I realized that although I did respect my family values, I was not feeling in agreement with all the social expectations and beliefs that were imposed in my immediate circle of influence, such as school, church and family. Been the free thinker that I am, I was searching for my own answers, out of the box. I choose to be citizen of the planet earth, and felt oneness with other human beings regardless of their beliefs and apparent identities.

In order to achieve emotional freedom, you have to raise awareness in regards to what or whom is in control of your thoughts. You also have to understand that your circumstances are not defining who you are. Beliefs system belong to the subconscious mind. It is a huge power without intelligence of its own. It is more like a wild stream of water running down only one way taking with it all that is trying to resist its current. It takes about 90 days of daily mind reprogramming to change old obsolete beliefs and create new behavior.

This is why it is so essential in the healing  process to clear first the obstacles that are floating in the sea of the unconscious mind such as traumatic memories, past hurt and resentments, grief, anger, guilt, etc. 

Mind-reprogramming is part of the empowerment  step leading toward self-liberation of the mind. For example you can be happy to be blond, tall and reserved and you can still value and love someone of a different race, or personality without judging that person as been less than yourself.

Why a green bean would be less important than a tomato in your garden? Or would the rose fragrance be valued more than the colorful beauty of a tulip? The beauty and richness of our world depend on the diversity of our complementary talents, gifts and assets such as intelligence, wisdom, physical strength, emotional maturity, open mindedness and creative intuition.  

Remember that you are not your circumstancesand that your inner self is the essence of your eternal soul. Only love can open your eyes to reality. See articles on Depression and Frustration.

Are you ready to engage into the metamorphosis of your mind to become who you are in ultimate potentiality: perfect, at peace and self-aware. Each one of my Self-hypnosis CDs and Seminars offers insights and training to accomplish such mind reprogramming in a safe and easy way. Practicing spirituality needs to be exercised. It is like riding a bike, learning algebra or a foreign language. 

The Papillon Transformational Method invites you to shed the layers of self-doubt, separateness, lack consciousness, envy, self-pity, blame, greed and vanity so your heart and soul can shine under the light of love, peace and harmony. You will then experience Freedom, Joy and Wholeness: the gifts of the Divine.

The Time is Now! 




 Source: http://www.fabiennemarneau.com/Mind-Reprogramming.html