"Planting the Seeds of Love" 
 By:Fabienne Marneau
 12/23/09 Edited 2/13/2013

“Love asks me no questions, and gives me endless support.” William Shakespeare
Do you feel supported by love today? Or are you fighting against your reason?
If your heart fells empty, what needs are not fulfilled?

Take full responsibility for where you are in regards to relationships and personal accomplishment. Without blame, understand that your actions and thoughts got you where you are today.

Be sincere and evaluate the levels of contentment and gratitude or frustration and resentment that inhabit your heart and mind in the present moment. Write them down on a sheet of paper as if you were extracting them from you.
Make a note next to the ones that you feel need healing and forgiveness. Make a commitment on how and when you will handle such healing. Make the decision that you deserve to be your very first priority.

Once healing is achieved, choose the thoughts that can support you, not the thoughts that bring you pain. Make this a conscious way of life, using mind reprogramming that works for you such as our series of Seminars and Self-Hypnosis CDs.

The mind must be quiet receive insights from Higher-Self. Take the time to relax, breathe peacefully and slowly. Stress is not conducive of peace and love blooms best in a peaceful environment. Utilize the tools that works best for your personality, some need music, others need hot baths or massage and exercise. Be creative and aware of what stimulates joy. For example I sometimes need quality time with my friends, and I need silent time alone in my Jacuzzi almost everyday. I enjoy having a date with my husband without the kids, and activities with our boys without their father because each relationship brings a different energy.

Draw your attention on 5 things that represent best the seeds of love in your life. Then take the time to feel it in your heart, and all over your being. For example, my loving son Matthieu, drove me to the airport last time I flow to Paris and stay with me until boarding. He rescheduled his work planning because he knew that I get stressed when traveling because of motion sickness. His love was the best medicine and I still to this day cherish the memory of his genuine love.

The following Mantra can be used before going to bed: “I believe in my true love and divine rights. I trust the Divine who is Eternal Love and Wisdom. I am safe and loved. I put my heart and soul in the hands of the Eternal. I release all my fears and give permission to my angels and guides to heal my body, mind and spirit. I am open to receive guidance and insights from Infinite Spirit. And so it is.”

Saint Francis of Assisi said: “Remember that when you leave this earth, you can take with you nothing that you have received only what you have given.”
What are you willing to give today, without any expectation in return of any kind of gratification?

May the promise of Love be your Gift.
Peace on Earth, Fabienne.


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