Fabienne Marneau





Fabienne Marneau, CH - Date: 02-25-09




Living in the now seam most of the time a very difficult thing to do. Our busy mind takes us either in the memories of the past or the worry of the future. Learning to be in “flow consciousness”, exist only through the gate of the NOW. 


Taking back control of your life is to master FLOW Alpha/Theta state of mind. Practice is one of the key to succeed like in any other discipline. Our guided meditations induce “Flow” consciousness without any effort and provide great relaxation and even healing possibilities.


To make the changes necessary to accomplish your vision, you must get rid of fear.  

To be fearless you have to raise your vibration, be free of guilt, envy, resentment, judgment, etc.   

Without a heart full of gratitude, the ego will find fault and lack in everything around and about you. 

Making choice is the first step to lead your intent of Abundance. 


The following affirmations open the gates to the Infinite Source of Love, Peace, Joy and Wealth that is available at all time:  

“I choose peace over my need to be right. 

 I forgive myself and others… 

 I give myself permission to receive my divine rights 


Abundance is an ongoing life discovery and manifestation process, the time to begin is NOW!