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As I was reading "The Secret" I realized that Mind-Reprogramming and Self-Hypnosis that I use everyday in my practice of Hypnotherapy or Life Coaching are following the same principles as the “law of attraction”.
The law of attraction says like attracts like, and so as you think a thought, you are also attracting like thoughts to you. You are a magnet. This explains why the clients who are using my Self-Hypnosis CD's are progressing faster and create changes in their life after only few weeks of practice. Those who do not trust the process are not experiencing the same results. Repetition is the key to make changes in the subcons cious mind.

“Where your attention goes, energy flows. As above, so below. As within, so without.”

When focusing your attention on a positive goal, your mind becomes one with the mental picture. This is also called “active imagination”.

Making the conscious choice of believing in the end result will infuse and transform your reality. The law of attraction becomes the law of manifestation. Thoughts become things.

The other key is the importance of the vibrations of mental forces as the power of manifestation . Negative thoughts will generate negative outcome. However positive emotions and attitude of gratitude energize your intent and transform your actions into the success of new paradigm of endless possibilities. Joy and Peace are the fruits of such decision of free will. By choosing gratitude, the communion with the Divine is the Samsara (enlightenment) ultimate experience.

This is probably the true meaning of Easter with Christ's resurrection.
Believing in Eternal Life gives us access to the reality of eternity.
Following the ego path leads to self-damnation with the soul trapped into its own negative, unloving choices and fear based thoughts. If you focus on guilt and self-judgment, you create more guilt, judgment and auto-destruction... Nobody, not even God, Higher-self (who ever we want to name it, her or him) control our destiny. It is our own responsibility; we are rewarding or inflicting pain on ourselves according to the consequences of our actions and thoughts only. By increasing awareness and practicing better choices based on unconditional love we have the opportunity to train our free will to change habits and experience miracles every day, in all areas of our lives.
The gift of freedom is also a gift of empowerment.

Destination Harmony Classes and Holistic Retreat are based on the practical applications of these universal laws and principles. All healing is based on the ability to receive and send out the flow of “Life Force”, also called Chi, Holly Spirite, Infinit Love & Wisdom...
So may the Force be with you my Jedi friends!
And may the light of Easter be your celebration of victory and self-actualization illuminating your heart every day of your life!