Fabienne Marneau



Article Destination Harmony Column

By Fabienne Marneau -10/19/2010


I believe in empowering you to learn the tools to create Abundance in your life.

You may use the following exercises as guidelines to understand and  manifest the universal Law of Abundance:

1) Choose Higher-self voice over Ego control Mind.

The best way to jump start the law of Abundance in action is to ignore lack in all forms of limitations including judging your circumstances. Stay away from the victim mentality because if you create a habit of it, it will become your identity.

Affirmation: 'I am not my circumstances. I am abundant and prosperous'.

This new attitude is not denial,  it is taking charge consciously of your oneness with the Source of All & Highest Good.

Affirmation: ' There is nothing impossible to the Creator. In Infinite Wisdom I trust. In gratitude, I manifest miracles, everyday, in so many ways.'


Exercise: What makes you think that you cannot access or do not deserve financial freedom or even wealth? Think about one big issue that is limiting your flow of Abundance.

Let say that you need $700 to repair the car that you use for transportation.

Affirm: 'There is no lack or debt in God's Mind. I am grateful for my car being repaired and available to me now.'

Visualization: See yourself happily driven the car to your favorite activity. Feel supported by the light, love and power of the Universe.

Affirmation: "I give myself permission to receive the flow of Abundance and Prosperity now. I deserve prosperity; I claim my divine rights."