Fabienne Marneau





By Fabienne Marneau, CH - Date: 03-17-2010


During a recent Back to the Cause Past Life Regression Seminar, two participants wanted to resolve the identical dilemma. They both wished to understand and heal a feeling of not being loved and valued in the same way as they used to feel at the beginning of their marriage. They both felt that they were not living the passion that their heart and soul was longing for. Because of this, they questioned whether or not their current husband is their true soulmate.

After the seminar I received an email with feedback from both women and I was struck by how each of them had a completely opposite reaction following the Past Life experience.

Here is the feedback from the first woman: 

“My soul is lonely and will not stop being lonely until it finds its other half.  I feel my current husband does not complete me and maybe that is why I cannot seem to forgive him...?  I don't know? This troubles me greatly and is always on my mind.  I feel I am constantly seeking for the half that completes me even though I am married.  I feel my soul will not rest until it finds what is looking for...whatever that may be?

Here was my answer: “No matter what happen between you and your current husband I still encourage you to do a private session to forgive the knight that he was in the past life that came through the Life Regression session because until that is done you will not find peace. Our karma brings back the lessons until we accept them and master them by letting go of attachment to emotions.

The ego mind is very clever but only brings despair and loneliness. I wish you to find the courage to step beyond the illusion of your current feelings.”

 Now let me share one other participant feedback from the same seminar:

“I left feeling so centered and happy, and as a result I had a great evening with my husband, feeling good and being good to each other. We reconnected and were the vibrant fun couple we like to be, out meeting new people.”   

I felt such bursting creativity. I am sending you images of what I did to illustrate the power of what you do. (I haven't pulled out any art supplies in months). 

What made the second woman capable of letting go of frustration and accepting her husband with unconditional acceptance, while the first woman remained stuck and searching for a romantic escape- the kind we see only in the movies? 

One difference I had to consider is that with the second woman we both worked many times on the issue using Palmtherapy and several Past Life Regressions, and because of this willingness to work, she finally showed the willingness to let go. She also had been using Healing with Mother Earth CD for over a year to reprogram negative thoughts and regain confidence.

Because she now sees that it was her ego holding onto a need to be right, to be the victim needing to blame, she readily allows herself to feed her soul in the ways she most needs. For example, she said she enjoyed being out meeting new people, and taking the time to be alone, being creative and producing something beautiful out of nothing.


As a contrast the first woman seems to be stuck making ego-driven conclusions about her life and her destiny, and because of this, feeling like a victim who does not control her own happiness. The universe maps out our destiny, but we are still responsible for every choice we make. If she chose to pay attention to her pain and its origins using Palmtherapy, Time Line Therapy and/or more Regression, this woman would be able to transform the attachment to the ego-mind-body pain that she even feel in her back, neck and shoulder. Maybe she would also be able to see examples in her daily life of how her husband is the best person she can be with at this particular time in her soul evolution. 

She would also be able to recognize what people and activities make her truly happy in life and give herself permission to do those things more often. When we do not rely on another person for our own happiness we can very quickly find that our happiness with that person actually increases!

Life is a mystery; I can only invite you to believe that “There is always a Solution” and that seeking healing will free your ego from pain and open the doors to creativity.

The question of the soulmate existence is in my opinion another issue. Soulmates are rarely romantic loves; they can most like it been friendships or family members and sometimes even perfect apparent stranger.

What I realized from my personal experience is that wholeness is real and can be felt all the time, and in any situation.  When deeply at peace we are no longer separated, isolated or frustrated.

Since my life purpose is to bring harmony back to the souls that are ready including mine of course, I am grateful for the Passion that keeps me going and brings new challenges every day to stimulate my creativity. Such passionate energy activates synchronicity and creates powerful and exiting new possibilities to discover.

Even thought at time I feel torn between so many poles, such as art, writing, teaching and healing, I believe that all my gifts can and will be used according to the divine plan of my destiny.

What is your divine plan? How can I assist you in making your path easier and more joyful? Remember that we are one, like the fire fighters say: “You go, I go”, well I say: “I go, you go; because I am going home, to OUR home.”

So let Peace be your journey and destination in harmony, under Grace!

And the time is NOW!