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Fabienne Marneau - Date: 02-27-07

As part of the ABH (American Board of Hypnotherapy) Convention, Dr. Stockwell did a presentation on her new technique called: “Joy Therapy”.

Joy Therapy involves laughing without any particular reason to awaken all senses and create a sensation of wellbeing. 


This lecture leads me to imagine the following mental exercises to create positive new habits and attitude of contentment. One more tool of self-actualization that can free us so we can work towards simply feeling GREAT!


* First increase the awareness toward your state of mind, focusing the attention on the quality of joy that you generate in all your actions. Be aware of your physical sensations, emotions and feelings. Pay attention, do not judge it.

* Imagine now, if you may that you keep in the background of your thoughts, some kind of Mantra saying: “If it is not fun, I won’t do it!” or “I do only fun things, all day long, with all my heart and soul” I love to have FUN, and I am good at it”. Be creative and infuse your subconscious with these happy Mantras.
* Now recall the things that you do against your good will for a minute.

Notice the negative energy that you can feel just by thinking about it in your body...

Maybe it is time to be more aware of these actions and make new decisions to avoid unnecessary negativity.

If you find things that you cannot avoid right now try following this program:

-   First make a plan to create in your daily self-hypnosis a perfect visualization including the changes that you wish to manifest. Charge with all your heart the outcome that you desire. Affirm in a positive way your vision and know that it is done in a perfect way, (See article on Guideline for Succesful Affirmations).

-   Feel gratitude for the help that you have available to achieve your goal.
-   Give permission to your spiritual guides to intervene. Ask for help.
-   Welcome Divine Providence to release the blocks that are limiting your willingness to move forward. You cannot force yourself to love and to be loving. Love is a natural genuine expression of joy, is it not?


-   So be patient with yourself and when your prayers for self healing open the path to inner peace, than follow your heart and find your duties pleasurable. Acting under love’s guidance will bring more fulfillment than forced resentful duties.
The fun and excitement never end if you choose to make “Joy” part of your life!
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In Gratitude,Harmony & Light, 

Fabienne Marneau