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Written by: Fabienne Marneau 
What seams to be what everybody is searching for...


You find the time to take care of your car, house and to feed yourself. Why is it so difficult to understand that our heart too needs maintenance? We all go through the same challenges with different degrees, and have issues with relationships. Life is about relationships and the closer to our heart people are, the more pain can be felt because of ego driven expectations, lack of communications and /or lack of faith. At time, we even think that to be happy, we need to be alone.

Searching happiness is an illusion, bringing disappointment, neediness and even emotional pain when unsatisfied.

Happiness is the fruit of inner peace; the gift of Grace, contentment and Love that we only feel and know when in communion with the Divine. To grow spiritually and with deeper awareness, we can experience inner peace more often leading to Joy.

To be happy, search peace!

The process takes time, commitment and courage. The recipe however is simple:

1) Be thankful for the awareness and say to the Divine: “I don’t need punishment, all I need is awareness. Thank you for YOUR help. I give permission to my Angels and Guides to protect me and guide me. I surround myself with Eternal Light, Wisdom and Love. I am Peace, I am Love, I am Light. And so it is.”

2) Believe that “There is always a Solution”; and work on ignoring the negativity around you. When you are exposed to hurtful situation, breathe in and smile, tell you’re self mentally: “I love you too; I know who you are; I have compassion for you; I forgive myself and you from the past, present and future.”

3) With courage get going with what you need to do. Be fearless toward the situation and /or the person causing the challenge. Do not let any words put you down. Remember to think: “You have no power over me; I am oblivious to negativity; it is what it is; I take full responsibility for my actions and thoughts, I forgive myself and ask you to forgive me; I am healing myself now”

4) Sustain in your intent of Peace with trust in the Creator. Claim that you believe in only one power: Love. Put your will agency, will power and destiny under the Infinite Spirit providence.

5) Co-create a beautiful life by offering to yourself the gift of self-love, reverence and respect. Such attitude will create the energy capable to bring synchronicity into your daily life experiences, creating a puzzle of inspiration, purpose and Joy.

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