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Fabienne Marneau - Date: January 2009

Hypnotherapy - Time Line Therapy

The subconscious mind controls our emotions, our self-esteem, our beliefs and our body functions such as the immune, digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular systems to name only few.

The subconscious mind is filled with awesome mysteries and powers. Hypnosis is the primary method used to contact the subconscious mind to cancel obsolete belie fs and reprogram new healthy behavior.  The belief that cancer is prone in a family circle for example can be replaced by education of the stem cells.  The fear of loosing control can be transmuted with the experience of been able to trust higher self letting go of the illusion of control, enjoying Flow as new experience.

The level of trance used by Time Line Therapy Hypnotherapist is an Alert Trance, in which you maintain full conscious awareness and control, while in touch with subconscious memories, emotions, and resources.

In most healing sessions and seminars Time Line Therapy offers a fast, painless tool to identify the root of challenges; heal on the spot a past trauma even when the memory is blocking the recollection of the event; reprogram more positive emotions in the past through forgiveness and in the future using specific visualization guided by Source.

Time Line Therapy works beautifully when combine with ThetaHealing, Palmtherapy and other transpersonal modalities.

In all my seminars I do apply Time Line Therapy to manifest success for the higher good of our heart and soul purpose. 

What do you want to manifest of new and exiting? Or rather, what do you believe possible for you to manifest this year?

Let's cast away the stress of busy life, the anxiety of economical burdens, the sadness of isolation and difficult communication.

Get your magic wound from your Super-conscious mind and create a world of Peace and Unconditional Love. Believe, see, feel and let it be!

The time is NOW!